Being a parent is very time consuming, but we still love to showcase our precious children to all who listen. But how do we share our memories with so little time and so many people and some that are so far away?

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Fun Ideas For Kids

Kids like to take a break from routine and have fun even more than adults. Here are some of the fun ideas for kids.

Hire a Jumping Castle

Kids find bouncing on bouncy castles extremely enjoyable and this is why they can spend long hours on this activity.  To make it easier for them to enjoy the experience, you can buy a bouncy castle so that your kids can enjoy it without having to wait for an outing to an amusement park.

The size of bouncy castle matters a lot. A small size is good fort domestic use. You can however purchase a bigger unit if you have much outdoor space. A bigger unit is also recommended if it will be used by many lids. The weight and age of the children is another essential consideration when deciding on the right size of bouncy castle. Small units are made for kids of 3 to 6 years. Most of the models hold a maximum weight of 100 pounds. If you live on the Sunshine Coast check out Jumping Castle Hire Caloundra for some great deals.

Visit a camp

Camping is great experience for kids as they get an opportunity to explore nature. Camping is inexpensive as there are many campgrounds located at close proximity to residential areas. It is easy to find an excellent camping ground where the kids can run around the woods for several hours. If it not the right time to go outdoors, you can create an outdoor environment at your home.  Invite the kids to put a tent at the backyard. They will enjoy spending a night somewhere different even if it is for just one night.

Bird feeding

Your kids will find it interesting when they learn to feed birds.  Build a custom bird feeder to help instill a sense of environmental stewardship in the kids. A bird feeder is something you can make out of anything such as a clean water or juice bottle. You simply cut out space for birds to go in and exit.  Put a little tray at the bottom for seed. Kids can spend hours decorating feeders or watching birds eating on their crafted bird feeder.


Painting is one of fun ideas for kids.  Get mess free paint in a bag. It is ideal for an art activity that requires almost no clean up. It is also safe for young children. You can consider squeezing few different color paints to a large Ziploc bag then close and tape it to the window.

The Ziploc bag will be closed preventing the paint from creating a mess. The kids can ‘paint with their finger’ by moving paint around when it is still in the bag. Light that shines through a window where the Ziploc bag is tapped creates   wonderful work of art that the kids will really be proud of.

Kids like to play therefore you should create different ways for them to have fun.

Here’s a great video with more DIY ideas:


Moving Home with your Little Ones? Here’s some Tips

Home removalistThe process of relocating is usually stressful especially when you have young children. Considering you will need to take care of everything you have collected over the years including furniture and other items you have bought, moving can be hard. To move everything from one location to another is a tiring job since your belongings could be heavy, and some fragile. Thus, the easiest way you can eliminate all these problems is by contracting an expert furniture removalists company. Selecting a reliable firm should be vital because you are leaving your possessions to someone you don’t know. For that reason, you should ensure you do thorough research to choose an experienced and dependable service provider to ensure a smooth and safe shifting.

Picking a moving firm

It is crucial that you pick the best operator. The right firm will ensure all your items are transported in secure methods and time, and money will not be wasted in the process. Since there are several firms in the industry, which are marketing their services over the internet, selecting an inexpensive and trustworthy company is made easier.

Points to reflect on

  1. Get free estimates from a few firms to compare their different packages on offer. By asking for a quote, you will know the estimated budget and be able to plan better. When moving, you must take into account the cost.
  2. Check whether the service provider you intend to hire has a valid license and is registered by the state authority you live in.
  3. Get referrals and recommendations from people you know. If you have friends or relatives, who have used the service before, they can be of great help in narrowing the search.
  4. Cost- Different firms will have their own prices. Thus, getting quotations from various organizations is good for you.
  5. Check whether the company you want to contract is insured to secure your property. This should not be ignored because accidents happen and your items can be damaged.
  6. The furniture removal firm you hire should offer relocation services of all kinds. Whether domestic or commercial moving, the firm should be in a position to do the work.
  7. The company you engage with should have offices and stores in other towns in your country. For instance, if you live in Australia, it should have offices in other major cities in the country like Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne, etc.

You should consider the points listed above when choosing a furniture removal company. Some of them are critical since they guarantee smooth and secure movement. However, you should research on the various businesses that are working in the field to choose the best that will offer you the service at an affordable rate. Also, the company should be reliable and must be there on time to collect and deliver your belongings as scheduled.